Facebook Ruined My Life, Now They Must Pay

I’m amazed how many people were duped into believing this, they were probably on the McDonald’s jury. I left FB quickly, not wanting or understanding the friends list. It was getting awkward rejecting people, as I take the word ‘friend’ seriously. So I am an outcast amongst my ‘friends’ not knowing the latest news, but at 58 I like having friends who care enough to meet with me in person for lunch or tea rather than in that cyber-cafe. Regarding the pic, we all have one of those lurking in the box of old pictures!

Peg-o-Leg's Ramblings

Should a ginormous corporation be allowed to humiliate a child and profit from her pain? Could $167,000,000 in compensation even begin to make up for her suffering? We can only hope so.

I give you, Exhibit A

Oh, the humanity Oh, the humanity

What’s the first thing you notice about this picture? (Besides the vast number of people piled onto 2 chairs.) Your eyes are drawn to the child on the right.

She sits alone. Two skinned knees are proof of a life spent tripping and bumping into coffee tables, and it’s not hard to see why.  Her cats-eyes glasses hint at the weak eyes beneath, while her chubby body attests to a complete lack of athletic skills. Her hand-me-down dress is so short the viewer can practically see both London AND France. From the top of her head (uneven hack-job on too-short bangs) to the soles of her feet (in black knee-socks…

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Here I go and welcome to my world

Am I just another person who thinks they have insights into the world around them that no one has ever thought about, or dared to say out loud? Probably not, but too often I do come out with a comment or idea that others look at me with utter amazement. Sometimes they actually speak their thoughts but most often they are polite and just keep the line moving hoping I don’t continue. I don’t blame them, even I marvel at myself, wondering how I was able to get to my late fifties, get married, raise two children and have held several jobs in my life.
So here I go, writing in anonymity, or at least as much ‘behind the curtain’ anonymity as possible in our world.
I’ll be sharing my thoughts here, not sure if they will be profound (highly doubtful, but you never know), entirely new, or even interesting to anyone but me. If someone accidentally finds me and reads this blog, I thank you for sharing your time with me. Life experiences, and thoughts along the way is my goal.
Share yours, if anyone is out there, as one thing I have learned, it is a small world and though cultures are different, we can relate our life events to those across the street, across our country, or across the continents. It is a small world, and I highly recommend riding it more than once, and on different sides of the boat to see all those wonderful dolls. The song will be stuck in your head for a long time, but you will smile and that’s what life is all about!
Thank you for reading.